Links of Note

Remember back in the Web 0.x days when every home page had a collection of interesting links to other sites? It was a way to discover stuff online naturally instead of according to some recommendation algorithm. Let's do that again.


Dracula Daily
The classic vampire novel was written as a collection of letters, diary entries, newspaper articles and so on...each item dated, starting May 3. This mailing list sends out each day's entries from now up through the conclusion in November.


Citizen science: Look for wild animals, plants and other life in your area, photograph them and report where you saw them and what they were doing. Think of it as Pokémon Go for real animals!
Imagine Google Maps if you didn't have to rely on Google's pervasive surveillance. A work in progress (just like the world is) that you can update or fill in yourself, licensed to ensure it stays open. I use StreetComplete and Vespucci to contribute on my Android phone.
BOINC (Distributed Computing)
Contribute spare computing power on your computer or device to various scientific projects. Debian and Fedora based Linux distributions include the app in their package managers, an Android version is available through F-Droid, and they offer installers for Windows, Mac, and other Linuxes.
Alternative To
List of a zillion apps and services, alternatives to each, with user comments, ratings and reviews.
"Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software"

Web Presence

A movement to build online presence around individual websites again, instead of on social media sites run by companies that don't necessarily have our interests at heart.
The Garden and Stream
We've gotten used to posting online as a chronological stream of information. But that's not always the best way to do it. Sometimes it's better to build and update a topic-based garden.
Project Gemini
An ultra-light Internet protocol designed to be almost as light as gopher, but with just a little bit of weblike features. I have a Gemini capsule at gemini:// Some apps you can use to view Gemini capsules include Lagrange (Win/Mac/Linux/etc) and Amfora (terminal).
Join the Fediverse
Wiki describing the distributed social network(s), how projects like Mastodon and Pixelfed and Lemmy fit into it, and how to get started.

Software for Websites

WordPress (self-hosted)
Well-known CMS engine that I use for my main blog.
IndieWeb for WordPress
Plugin that adds key IndieWeb features to WordPress and bundles other plugins that provide more connections like Webmentions
ActivityPub for WordPress
Plugin that puts a WordPress site on the Fediverse as an account people can follow directly.
Eleventy (11ty)
A super-flexible static site generator, meaning instead of building pages every time they're accessed, it builds everything as HTML files that you can upload anywhere. I use it for my less-frequent blogs like Re-Reading Les Mis and subsites like my tech tips and reviews
A light blogging engine that connects with multiple other services including extensive IndieWeb support. One of several I'm planning to try out for lighter posts than my full blog.
Write Freely
A minimalist blogging engine that's directly part of the Fediverse. The self-hosted version of the software used for the service, and another engine I'm planning to try out for light posts.
"The simplest possible CMS for the web that is friendly enough for non-technical users." Another I'm considering for light posts.
Agate (Gemini Server)
A simple server for Gemini capsules, handles static files (but not dynamic pages) and virtual hosts.


Standard Ebooks
Great source of classics and other public domain material that have been formatted and edited for consistent readability, compatible with just about any eBook reader. I’ve read several books from here and they’ve all looked great.