Kelson Vibber

Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy and comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him.

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Other Places You’ll Find Me

  • On my main website you'll find not just my main blog, but tech tips, reviews, and an extensive commentary blog on Les Misérables, among other projects.
  • Book reviews get cross-posted on BookWyrm*
  • I have a Gemini Capsule
  • Photog.Social (Mastodon*) is another place I post photography.
  • Sometimes I hang out on Lemmy*, a link-sharing/discussion service like Reddit.
  • Speed Force is a comics fan blog following the Flash. Still running (no pun intended), but I don’t write much for it anymore.
  • I'm trying out Bluesky.

*Bookwyrm, Pixelfed, and Lemmy are Fediverse networks made up of multiple sites, similar to (and interoperable with!) Mastodon. Speaking of which, you can find me there at

And yes, I’m also on some of the more mainstream social networks, though much less often! Here I am at LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. And I actively contribute to iNaturalist and OpenStreetMap.

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